Summit County Republican Party Central Committee

The Summit County Republican Party Central Committee is comprised of elected representatives from each of the 420 precincts that make up Summit County. The Central Committee functions as the governing body of the Party, and its members are commonly referred to as Central Committee Members, Precinct Committeepersons, or just “PCs”.

As elected officials, PCs function as the Republican voice of their residents, of their precincts, and as a direct line of communication between those residents, the Republican Party, and its elected officials. PCs also play an integral part in both the internal and external operations of the party.

Central Committee Member Job Description

By serving on the Central Committee, PCs are the only people who can vote on party-related matters. Central Committee Meetings take place at least once per year, but may take place more often as needs arise. It is here that PCs vote to:

  1. Elect Party Leadership,
  2. Appoint PCs to vacant precincts in between elections,
  3. Make changes to the Code of Regulations, and
  4. Appoint Officials to vacant offices

PC attendance at these meetings is critical since it ensures that the voices of residents from the various communities in Summit County are heard.

PCs are vital to the success of the SCRP because they provide localized, committed, and enthusiastic support for Party initiatives during and between elections. PCs participate in campaign activities such as:

1. Voter registration,
2. Networking with their neighbors,
3. Sharing important election information such as times, dates, polling locations, and early voting information,
4. Distributing candidate and Party literature that they receive from the Party
5. Helping the Party secure yard sign locations,
6. Volunteer recruitment and organizing, and
7. Other grassroots activities.

PC’s recruit Republican Precinct Election Officials (PEO’s/Booth Workers) and can serve as part-time Board of Elections Employees.  PCs participate in Party fundraisers, work on campaigns, help SCRP Headquarters, and more generally, represent Republican values at their places of work and in their communities every day.

 How to become a member of the Summit County Republican Central Committee

To become a PC for the Republican Party, you must be a registered voter who lives in the precinct you are trying to represent, and you must consider yourself a Republican/Conservative. It is highly preferred that PCs vote in the previous Republican Primary prior to an election or appointment. However, you cannot be a PC if you are a registered Democrat. As a PC, you will be required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and the Code of Regulations of the Summit County Republican Party. 

Elections for PC’s are held every four years.  If a precinct is vacated midterm or if a precinct remains vacant after an election, an appointment may be made by recommendation of the Party Chair with approval by the Central Committee.  The next opportunity to petition to become a PC will be in 2026.

Being a PC is an important way to affect change in your community, and a great way to dip your toe into the local political water! If you are interested in becoming a PC, please contact the Summit County Republican Party at 330-434-9151.

Summit County Republican Central Committee Code of Regulations

Our campaign financial reports can be found on the Board of Elections website:

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