The Summit County Republican Party exists to elect conservative Republican candidates for public office. We achieve this by recruiting candidates and assisting them with the tools for victory.

Our Republican Party in Summit County is comprised of a diverse coalition of Republican elected officials, grassroots activists and financial supporters. We operate a year round full-time headquarters. We recruit and support candidates for all levels of offices. We raise funds necessary to promote our winning candidates.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or to stop by the office during regular business hours.

Thank you for your interest in our local Summit County Republican Party.  We hope to meet you soon!


The Summit County Republican Party maintains a fulltime headquarters dedicated to identifying, recruiting and electing Conservative Republicans for federal, state and local political office. The Summit County Republican Party shares our national and state party platforms for limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom and responsibility.  We support and expect nominees to support free speech, the right to bear arms and protection of the unborn.