US Senator JD Vance

Party                                          Republican

David Joyce

14th Congressional District

US House of Representatives

Washington DC, 20515


Governor Mike DeWine

Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH   43215


Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted

Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH   43215


Attorney General

David Yost

30 E. Broad Street, 14th Floor
Columbus, OH   43215


State Auditor Keith Faber 

88 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH   43215



State Treasurer

Robert Sprague 

30 East Broad Street, 9th Floor

Columbus, OH  43215




Secretary of State Frank LaRose 

180 East Broad Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, OH   43215

27th District State Senator

Kristina Roegner 

Senate Building

1 Capitol Square

Columbus, OH  43215

35th District State Representative Steve Demetriou 






36th District State Representative Bob Young 


77 South High Street

Columbus, OH  43215


38th District State Representative Bill Roemer 


77 South High Street

Columbus, OH  43215

Summit County Council District #3

Gloria Rodgers


Summit County Council District #7

Bethany McKenney

Chief Justice Ohio Supreme Court

Sharon Kennedy

Justice Ohio Supreme Court

Sharon Kennedy

Patrick Fischer

Patrick DeWine




Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals

Jill Flagg Lanzinger

Scot Stevenson

Donna Carr




Summit County Domestic Relations 

Administrative Judge Katarina Cook




Barberton Municipal Clerk

Diana Stevenson 


Barberton Municipal Court Judge

Judge Todd McKenney

Barberton Municipal Court Judge

To Be Appointed


Akron Municipal Court Clerk 

Debbie Walsh


City of Barberton

Justin P. Greer-President of Council

Thomas A. Heitic-Council-at-Large

Tayler Marie Thompson-Council-at-Large

City of Cuyahoga Falls

Adam Miller– Ward 6 Council

City of Twinsburg

Sam Scaffidi- Mayor

William J. Furey– Council-at Large

Scott L. Barr– Council-at-Large

Karen Jean Labbe– Ward 3 Council

David A. Post– Ward 4 Council

Gregory A. Bellan– Ward 5 Council

City of Tallmadge

Adam M. Bozic– Council-at-Large

Dennis K. Loughry– Council-at-Large

Jonathan D. Bollas– Ward 3 Council

City of Fairlawn

Russell T. Sharnsky Mayor

Copley Township

City of  Green

Gerard Martin Neugebauer– Mayor

Richard A. Brandenburg– Council-at-Large

Clark Anthony DeVitis– Council-at-Large

Barbara Crouse Babbit– Ward 1 Council

Christopher John Meager– Ward 2 Council

Jeffrey A. Noble– Ward 4 Council

City of Hudson

Beth Ann Bigham– Ward 4 Council

Christopher Anton Banweg– Council-at-Large

Karen Elizabeth Heater- Council-at-Large

Christopher Ward Foster– Ward 2 Council

Skylar John Sutton– Ward 3 Council

Sagamore Hills Township

John Zaccardelli– Trustee

David W. Depasquale– Trustee

Paul Schweikert– Trustee

Twinsburg Township

James C. Balogh– Trustee


Springfield Township

Kellie J. Chapman– Trustee


Richfield Township

Janet M. Jankura– Trustee

Robert Lewis Luther– Trustee

Northfield Center Township

Coventry Township

Edward D. Diebold– Trustee

Jeffrey P. Houck– Trustee

City of Munroe Falls

James M. Iona– Council-at-Large

Village of Richfield

Bobbie Beshara– Council

Charles H. Boester– Council

Richard J. Hudak– Council

Charles P. Norris– Council

Jeffrey G. Stoppenhagen– Council

Village of Mogadore

Bath Township

Elaina E. Goodrich- Trustee

Sean Gaffney- Trustee

Sharon Ann Troike- Trustee

Village of Peninsula

John Orin Krusinski- Council

George T. Haramis- Council

Douglas L. Steidl- Council

Jennifer Lynn Verbic- Council

Village of Northfield

Jennifer Marie Domzalski– Mayor

Kevin Lewis– Council-at-Large

Gary C. Vojtush– Council

Alan E. Hipps– Ward A Council

Jessie A. Ferko– Ward B Council

Nicholas M. Magistrelli– Ward D. Council

Village of Clinton

Bud McDaniel- Mayor

Kent J. Goch– Council

Lewis William Rash– Council

Ellen Renee Conroy– Council

Janice Cameron Godwin– Council

William C. Mcdaniel– Council

City of Macedonia

David Steven Finley– Council-at-Large

Jeff S. Garvas– Council-at-Large

Janet A. Tulley– Council-at-Large

City of New Franklin

John K. Daniels– Council-at-Large

Judy L. Jones– Council-at-Large

Kevin James Powell– Council-at-Large

James G. Cotts– Ward 1 Council

Andrew J Fetterman– Ward 4 Council

City of Norton

Douglas Paul Deharpart– Ward 1 Council

Jamie S. Lukens– Ward 2 Council

Michael R. Zita– Mayor

Charolotte Jean Whipkey– Council-at-Large

Benjamin James Bates– Ward 3 Council

Paul J. Tousley– Ward 4 Council



City of Stow

Jeremy Clay Mcintire– Council-at-Large

Sindi Marie Harrison– Ward 2 Council

Ronald Brian Lowdermilk- Ward 3 Council

Mario Alan Fiocca– Ward 4 Council

Lisa L. Coates– Municiple Court Judge

Kim R. Hoover– Municipal Court Judge

Boston Heights Village

Bill Goncy– Mayor

Ronald A. Antal– Council

Heather L. Davis– Council

Ronald L. Fenn– Council

Donald Lee Polyak– Council


Village of Silver Lake

Dann M. Nivens– District A. Council

Therese L. Dunphy– District B. Council

Bernie Hovey– Mayor

William Michael Church– Council-at-Large

Gerald P. Jones– Council-at-Large

Betsy A. Meyer– Council-at-Large

Village of Lakemore

Nicki A. Coontz– Council

Samuel Ray– Council

Jon R. Strittmatter- Council